After following a strict diet to play Shardul Thakur, know what Rajkummar Rao ate once shooting for Badhaai Do wrapped up

Actors are often required to lose or gain weight to play a particular character on-screen. In a similar vein, Rajkummar Rao also had to gain some kilos and achieve a chiselled physique for his role in the recently-released film Badhaai Do.

Sharing that it was not “easy” to actor build a toned body, the recently opened up about his fitness transformation as he shared two pictures — ‘training day 1’ and ‘on set’ — captioning them:”The best feeling in the world is when you give your heart and soul to a film and to your character and get so much love in return from the audience. Thank you guys.”

Earlier, the actor had taken to social media to share another picture that revealed his transformation. “#ShardulThakur in #BadhaaiDo. Being a pure vegetarian and to strictly avoid any kind of steroidsit wasn’t easy to get this transformation but nothing seems impossible when you love what you do,” he had captioned the post.

Now, while promoting his film on The Kapil Sharma Showthe actor spoke about the same at length.

“Firstly I am a д, so I had to work extra hard to get the physique. Our director and others would sit and ask for food saying, ‘what’s there for sweet? Moong daal halwa? Bring it!’, and I would be there eating boiled broccoli,” he shared.

His co-star in the film, Bhumi Pednekar, also complimented his willpower stressing that “he never cheated on his fitness regime while shooting”. “But when the film’s shoot finished, you know what he ate? Five kilos of chhena murki.”

Calling his transformation ‘incredible’, Pednekar had also commented on his picture saying, “Wow! Can’t ever forget you eating skimmed milk ka paneer, vegan protein, broccoli. Mera khaana nahi digest hota tha seeing your food. You’re incredible.”

Bhumi Pednekar on Rajkummar Rao’s fitness transformation (Source: Rajummar Rao/Instagram)

How challenging is it to get a toned physique while being on a vegetarian diet?

“Vegetarians just need to calculate their ‘macros’ to reach their fitness goal. Getting lean and ripped may require a little more effort as vegetarians lack lean protein sources. However, whey protein supplements can help bridge the gap of lean protein availability which is required when on a caloric deficit program,” said Aminder Singh, founder of Fitpathsala and Team Aminder, an online fitness training platform.

“A vegetarian can easily achieve their daily protein intake, which is needed to gain or preserve the muscle mass in your transformation. A smart nutritional program and consistency can help one achieve their dream physique,” ​​he added.

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