Royce Lab makes debut of ‘The Pronura’ to boost immune system in Thai people

“The Pronura”, organic plant-based protein, derived from the cleanest five organic plant-based proteins, enriched with essential nutrients with probiotics and prebiotics added to promote immune system and efficient digestion. It is an ideal for those who want to revitalize their health or are in need of health boosting. The Pronura’s inimitable formula has been developed by teams of professional doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists. Thus, it becomes a revolutionary dietary supplement with the following key five essential organic plants.

• Brown rice is rich in proteins that Thai people are less allergic to (compared to milk and soy). It also provides high energy, helping you feel full and preventing you from being hungry. With several essential minerals that are important to the body, brown rice efficacy helps in keeping your intestines healthy and fully functional.

• Green peas are a good source of protein and energy and are fairly low in fat and cholesterol. Backed by the availability of the branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), this plant-based protein diet plays a key role in maximizing muscle building.

• Almonds in particular contain a high proportion of protein and are rich in healthy fats and vitamin E considered a vital source of antioxidants. The high-protein seeds also help reduce cholesterol and offer high energy to fight muscle fatigue.

• Quinoa is often described as a superfood containing all nine types of amino acids that are important to your body. In addition to having a high proportion of fiber and antioxidants, quinoa also helps control blood sugar levels and reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol as well as balance your body’s digestive system.

• Chia seeds are another popular superfood rich in protein, including omega-3 that efficiently helps nourish your brain andretina. They also contain high calcium (estimated to be five times higher than cow’s milk) and a large amount of fiber that helps prevent constipation.

The Pronura also contains a perfect blend of five probiotics supplemented with prebiotics to encourage the probiotics to work more efficiently, supported by omega-3 extracted from flaxseed oil, vitamin, and minerals obtained from natural ingredients. Highly recommended for health lovers, vegans, and people with diabetes.

This newly developed dietary supplement is more special with the addition of Erythritol, sugar compound used as a low-calorie sweetener, which does not affect insulin levels. Thanks to the relatively mild flavor and the distinctive rice fragrance, The Pronura is easy to intake. It can be added to everyone’s regularly preferred food and drinks.

Dr. Piya added that in fact, the protein obtained from meat contains the most excellent and complete amino acids that are very important to the body. Unfortunately, meat nowadays has a lot of chemical contaminants. Additionally, according to research, people consuming animal proteins can easily be prone to body internal inflammation. Nowadays, many top Olympic athletes are turning into plant-based proteins under the supervision of professional nutritionists. However, most plant-based proteins are often deficient in one or more specific amino acids. For instance, peas are relatively low in methionine and high in lysine, while grains tend to be poor in lysine, but are good sources of methionine. Hence, to get enough of essential nutrients and amino acids, it is better to consume plant-based proteins extracted from various sources of plants.

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