‘Scotland has a larder that is the envy of Europe, but we have some work to do to improve our diets’

BakeryandSnacks attended the FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health​​ Showcase held at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh last week, headlined by Scottish Public Health Minister Maree Todd.

“The case for change is really stark,”​ said Todd, noting in Scotland, two thirds of the adult population and 30% of children are overweight or obese – which “increases substantially for adults and children in more deprived areas.”

Rising to the challenge

According to FDF Scotland, recipe reform is one of the most effective ways industry can help improve dietary health.

“We are working with a range of food and drink businesses who have made small changes to their recipes that are making a big difference to the health of Scotland’s people,”​ said Joanne Burns, FDF Scotland’s Reformulation for Health manager.

“We’ve [tackled] some fantastic projects over the past few years… and seeing an increase in the health profile of some of the products that are being sold in Scotland.”

Highlighted were the moves made by Bells Food Group, Arran Dairies and Macsween of Edinburgh, but there are a wealth of other success stories too. Scotland’s top pie brand Bells has cut the salt content of its pie shells by half, Arran Dairies will soon launch a lower calorie ice cream and Macsween of Edinburgh is working with ingredient manufacturer Ulrick & Short to reduce the fat content of its traditional haggis recipe.

“So, we really want to celebrate the work that’s been done and the network and awareness-raising over the past few years.”


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