You Can’t Exercise Your Way Out of an Unhealthy Diet

Share on PinterestEven if you exercise regularly, a new study finds that having an unhealthy diet can still increase your risk of several diseases and early death. Rob and Julia Campbell/Stocksy United New research finds you can’t outrun the effect of a poor diet by simply exercising more. Regular physical activity and good dietary habits … Read more

Trick your palate, make up later: Balance your diet for better results

I started this habit of eating healthy during the country-wide shut down due to the pandemic. We were all home, eating home-cooked meals, scrolling through Instagram feeds, sitting in one place the entire day and gaining body weight. As soon as I realised, I had already added some extra pounds to my body. Just like … Read more

Health Experts Say These Common Dieting Mistakes Could Be Slowing Your Weight Loss

There are many moving parts to a successful weight loss plan. It’s essential to eat nutritious meals, exercise every day, stay hydrated, and get enough rest. While everyone can likely agree on these pillars of a healthy lifestyle, it’s all easier said than done—and sometimes, you may not even realize that some of the seemingly … Read more

Experts reveal 6 intriguing alternatives to refined sugar for your daily diet

There is so much emphasis given on the side effects of processed sugar that almost every other person is trying to wear off it. Which is a great thing, but doesn’t resolve many issues as most people aren’t aware as to what they should replace it with and in what proportion. This leaves them in … Read more

27-year-old man collapses and dies after gym workout in Tamil Nadu

Last week, on June 04, 27 years old Sri Vishnu collapsed at a gym after he completed that day’s workout session at Palanganatham, Madurai. On June 04, a young man collapsed in the gym after he completed the day’s workout session at Palanganatham in Madurai. Fellow gym members rushed 27-year-old Sri Vishnu to the LP … Read more

Stephanie Lueras: Finding your fitness niche | Opinion

After last week’s important reminder that change and sustainability when it comes to movement does not exist in the short term, we’re going to circle back over the next couple weeks to look at the availability of and how to choose fitness options that meet your needs . First, the great outdoors. For many, this … Read more

Climbing gym to open at the end of summer | News

When Recreate Climbing and Fitness Gym opened on Jan. 17, two dreams were realized. For Butte resident Jen DeLong, it was opening a climbing gym, and for resident Lisa Howell, it was owning a business. DeLong and her husband Matt DeLong have always liked to climb. In fact when they moved to Butte, one of … Read more

6 Female Fitness Influencers From India You Should Follow

The coronavirus pandemic has made people realize the importance of health and fitness over everything else. At-home workouts became all the rage as people couldn’t step out for months at a stretch. As a result, fitness influencers and online trainers who were doling out useful content began to thrive. Some of them were these Indian … Read more

New Initiative to Kick-Off with 2-for-1 Deal – NBC New York

Boutique studios are gearing up for New York City’s first-ever NYC Fitness Week, a chance for residents to try new classes while revitalizing the fitness industry during the COVID pandemic recovery. New Yorkers can choose from dozens of participating gyms across all five boroughs with hundreds of classes to purchase buy-one-get-one-free deals running the week … Read more