Fighting for an income: Why gyms and other businesses need to pay for the music they use – Music Reads

“Music creators are small business owners trying to get by.” The National Center for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) is keen to do what it can to support Indigenous music artists, which is why they’re happy to pay a license fee for the music they use in the fitness centre. “We have Aboriginal personal trainers, instructors and … Read more

Exercising your heart

“Rehabilitation is great,” Bugelli continues. “The girls work with you. They work with you at your own pace. You’re well-monitored. And it’s really helped. It changes your lifestyle.” Cardiac rehab is a typical, but important part of recovering from something like a heart attack, congestive heart failure, open heart surgery or other cardiac event, says … Read more

Climbing gym to open at the end of summer | News

When Recreate Climbing and Fitness Gym opened on Jan. 17, two dreams were realized. For Butte resident Jen DeLong, it was opening a climbing gym, and for resident Lisa Howell, it was owning a business. DeLong and her husband Matt DeLong have always liked to climb. In fact when they moved to Butte, one of … Read more

New Initiative to Kick-Off with 2-for-1 Deal – NBC New York

Boutique studios are gearing up for New York City’s first-ever NYC Fitness Week, a chance for residents to try new classes while revitalizing the fitness industry during the COVID pandemic recovery. New Yorkers can choose from dozens of participating gyms across all five boroughs with hundreds of classes to purchase buy-one-get-one-free deals running the week … Read more

If the body mass index stops measuring health and starts causing shame, change the game

As a 24-year-old person of short stature, for most of my life I’ve been subjected to a body measurement system designed for people of average height – the body mass index (BMI). My first recollection of getting my BMI measured was in year seven. I hated sport because I wasn’t as fast as everyone else, … Read more

It’s Time to Buy into Planet Fitness Stock

Gym operator Planet Fitness (NASDAQ: PLNT) stock is in its own bear market trading down (-29%) for the year. The epicenter fitness gym industry has seen a rebound in business with the acceleration of COVID vaccines and boosters. Planet Fitness members grew to all-time highs of 16.21 million members in fiscal Q1 2022 and it … Read more

82-Year-Old Fitness Star Loves Her Gym Routine, Defies Age Stereotypes

An 82-year-old fitness fanatic is a massive hit on social media. Erika Rischko, from Germany, began gym training later in life and has gone from strength to strength. Now able to hold the dreaded plank position for more than eight minutes, she inspires followers of all ages with her attitude and dedication. Popular on TikTok … Read more

Stephanie Lueras: Something for everyone | Opinion

I certainly didn’t coin this phrase, and I’m certain most fitness professionals have used it at some point or another, but the capstone advice regarding movement we can ever dispense is, “the best exercise is the one someone will do.” Depending on how you read that or the tone of voice someone might speak, that … Read more

Is a $10 Gym Membership Ever Really Worth It?

Photo: Kzenon (Shutterstock) There are lots of ways to begin an exercise routine, and as we pointed out here, it’s not always worth sweating the details. But does it matter what type of gym you join? Gyms with squat racks and barbells give you a lot of options for getting strong, but it’s rare to … Read more

Jeffersonville cheer gym wins second national championship | Business

JEFFERSONVILLE — The first place and national championship banners are already filling the walls at Aspire Cheer Academy in Jeffersonville. With all the accolades it looks like the cheerleading gym has been open for a long time, instead of just setting up shop at the start of the pandemic in 2020. “We started two years … Read more