Miley and Other Celebs Stopped Being Vegan. Did They Need To?

Whether motivated by health, environmental, or ethical reasons, more and more people are choosing to adopt a partly plant-based or fully vegan diet. By one recent estimate, 5 percent of US consumers identify as vegan and 55 percent of Millennials self-identify as flexitarian. Anyone considering going plant-based has likely heard about the optimal performance benefits … Read more

2022 sports nutrition trends

Widespread warnings in the national press covered medical studies linking obesity to higher incidence of serious illness and death from COVID-19. And while gyms and leisure centers were shut during lockdowns, evidence indicates sales of mainstream sports nutrition products kept growing overall, driven by a switch to home exercise, popularized by celebrities such as Joe … Read more

The Surprising Reason You May Be Low Energy, and How to Fix It

If you feel exhausted or stressed to the point of experiencing burnout, you’re not alone. Feelings of physical exhaustion and mental weariness (aka burnout) have risen 38 percent since prepandemic levels. But rather than blame office politics and job stress, there may be another reason it’s hard to muster energy and enthusiasm for the tasks … Read more

5 Foods That Can Lower Your Resting Heart Rate, From Experts

There’s an easy, universal way to measure your fitness and heart health: It’s simply by measuring your resting heart rate. Doctors agree that this one number is a good indicator of your physical fitness and overall health. Measuring your resting heart rate (RHR) (essentially how many beats a minute your ticker requires to move blood … Read more