The ‘sportification’ of bakery | Food Business News

CHICAGO – An evolution took place during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the sports nutrition sector. While there remains a niche for formulations that help athletes with fueling, hydration and recovery, the category now includes foods with functional ingredients that improve overall well-being while assisting with weight management, mental health and healthy aging. This active … Read more

Trying the keto diet? 15 kitchen gadgets nutritionists and keto fans recommend

Getty Images/iStockphoto This high-fat, low-carb diet is the most popular diet in America (Google reports more than 25 million searches for the keto diet in 2021, with the Mediterranean diet coming in second place). But as anyone who’s tried this diet knows, it does often require a lot of time in the kitchen. “Some kitchen … Read more

Ultra-processed vs. minimally-processed – The debate continues

CHICAGO – The Institute of Food Technologists’ IFT FIRST in-person annual convention took place July 10-13 after a two-year pandemic hiatus. The education program commenced with a debate centered around, “Should we eat more processed foods?” On the pro-processed foods side, Amy Webb, a quantitative futurist and founder of the Future Today Institute, New York, … Read more

Keto5 Introduces Fully Customized, Physician-Supervised Program: Revolutionize Consumers to Achieve Renewed Health

Seeking to eliminate the destructive impact of chronic inflammation on the body, Keto5, ( ), a doctor-founded Beverly Hills-based company, has introduced a physician-directed and supervised program that revolutionizes how patients achieve renewed health through the natural power of ketosis. Keto5 is initially focused on helping the more than 70% of Americans who are overweight … Read more

Slimmer Cans Sell Better | NACS

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Taller, thinner aluminum cans, once synonymous with only energy drinks, tend to sell better and help save on freight costs, reports the Wall Street Journal. These slimmer cans are popping up on retailer shelves, and though they still hold the same 12 ounces as their squatter counterparts, they are meant to stand out on … Read more

Finding the right diet for your lifestyle, health needs

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – A 2019 study by The New England Journal of Medicine estimated that within ten years, more than half of the US population would be more than 100 lbs. overweight if the nation did not collectively adopt healthier eating habits. In Louisiana, a 2021 survey indicated that nearly 38% of the … Read more

Keto versus Mediterranean diet: Which won?

A new controlled clinical trial done during the pandemic compared to the two diets by asking 33 people with prediabetes or diabetes to do both diets, one after the other, for three months. During the first four weeks of each diet, participants received either healthy keto- or Mediterranean-based meal deliveries, then followed meal plans on … Read more

Trick your palate, make up later: Balance your diet for better results

I started this habit of eating healthy during the country-wide shut down due to the pandemic. We were all home, eating home-cooked meals, scrolling through Instagram feeds, sitting in one place the entire day and gaining body weight. As soon as I realised, I had already added some extra pounds to my body. Just like … Read more

It’s not just vegan cheese that’s got no nutritional value!

Twenty years ago you’d be hard pressed to find a single shop that sold oat milk. But today it’s never been easier to go vegan, with manufacturers recreating just about every single dish you can imagine. Entire supermarket aisles have been dedicated to plant-based products, from vegan cheeses to meat-free burgers and non-dairy ice cream. … Read more