Kourtney Kardashian& Travis Barker Get Saucy wit Vegan Chicken

Three wedding ceremonies later, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker still can’t get enough of each other. This week, the newlyweds told fans they also can’t keep their hands off vegan chicken, celebrating their recent union with a bucket of Daring Foods’ vegan chicken. The KarBarkians are teaming up with Daring Plant Chicken in the company’s … Read more

The Biggest Meat Company in the World is Making Vegan Bacon

Missing bacon from the breakfast plate? The world’s largest beef company, JBS Foods, is launching plant-based bacon through its Colorado-based Planterra Foods brand. The reinvented, vegan bacon selection will roll out under the company’s Ozo brand. Soon, American customers will have access to juicy, crispy plant-based bacon with the True Bite Plant-Based Bacon, featuring Cracked … Read more

This Vegan Deli Meat Featured on Shark Tank is Coming to Costco

So long, sad hummus sandwich! Unreal Deli is ensuring that your sandwich still feels complete with fully plant-based meat options. The vegan meat brand – financially backed by Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban – will begin rolling out its selection of impressive deli meats at Costco locations in Southern California and Hawaii. Now, shoppers will … Read more

We Can Now Engineer Tomatoes to Have as Much Vitamin D as Eggs

Products like Eat Just’s JUST Egg and companies like Nestle have developed plant-based alternatives meant to replace the need for conventional chicken eggs by providing similar nutrition. But what about vegans and plant-based eaters who try to avoid processed foods? British scientists from the John Innes Center began experimenting with the CRISPR gene-editing technology to … Read more

Illinois Schools Will Serve Vegan Meals to 2 Million Students

“Got Milk?” is a slogan American students are familiar with beginning in elementary school. For decades, meat and dairy-centric dishes have overshadowed plant-based foods in cafeterias nationwide, but now, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has signed a new bill into law that will mandate plant-based school lunches statewide. The new legislation will ensure that the entire … Read more

Serena Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal Want You to Try JUST Egg

Tennis world champion Serena Williams and Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal are collaborating with Eat Just’s JUST Egg to showcase the benefits of plant-based protein. The two major celebrities will join Eat Just’s newest ad campaign that riffs on the healthy lifestyles of celebrities. The ads will juxtapose the absurd lengths that celebrities take to maintain … Read more