What can you eat on a vegan keto diet? Fitness experts answer | Health

On a vegan keto diet, “what can you eat” is the most asked question along with “is it possible to mix these two restricted eating practices” as people may choose to follow a keto diet for a variety of reasons. For starters, cutting carbs can help you lose weight quickly, increase your blood sugar metabolism … Read more

Eat smart like Beyoncé; learn what you must avoid to look flawless in the 40s

Beyoncé gave up dairy to reduce the incidence of boating and treat digestive distress as well. It also stabilizes inflammation levels while treating skin woes. (Photo credit: Beyoncé/Instagram) KEY HIGHLIGHTS A beauty icon since the late ’90s, a singing legend of this millennium, and now a mother of three, Beyoncé has aced every role in … Read more

Study reveals a diet plan that could burn 13 pounds in four months, and it’s not intermittent fasting

In order to improve the quality of health, it is imperative to improve the quality of foods one eats – this means abstinence from animal products and eating plant-based foods like grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Photo: iStock KEY HIGHLIGHTS In a study by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine published in the Journal of … Read more

5 Reasons Dieting to Lose Weight is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Health

Most North Americans associate a slender physics with health, leading to the belief that weight loss is the optimal way to resolve health issues or avoid disease. Unfortunately, the diet and weight loss industry has done an exceptional job of fueling this narrative, with failure rates approximating 95 percent. This narrative is so prevalent that … Read more

15 Ginger-Spiced Vegan Desserts – One Green Planet

Ginger-spiced desserts are not as common as gingerbread, but maybe they should be! The combination of sweetness and spiciness can be an addictive combination when put together the right way. So here are 15 ginger-spiced desserts that do just that! 1. Blackberry Peach Cobbler With Ginger Spice Biscuits Source: Blackberry Peach Cobbler With Ginger Spice … Read more

10 Hazelnut Cake Recipes Made Vegan

Hazelnuts are one of the signature ingredients in many desserts. They have an almost creamy taste and pair very well with chocolate. It’s no surprise that Nutella became one of the most popular spreads out there. That’s why we’ve decided to create a list of this very special ingredient, combined with one of the most … Read more

How to Make Crispy Vegan Air-Fryer Wontons

Crispy vegan air-fryer wontons are going to be your newest obsession! This recipe puts a healthier spin on the Chinese classic. You can now make homemade wontons at home in your air-fryer! Don’t have an air fryer? Not to worry, because you can still make this recipe by pan-frying them as well. Not only are … Read more

Researchers Develop Method to Extract Protein from Tomato Leaves

Researchers have discovered a new way to extract high-value protein from otherwise inedible tomato leaves. The team of researchers at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands in a region known as the ‘Food Valley’ has developed a method for extracting Rubisco from the leaves of tomatoes and possibly other food crops. The leaves … Read more

Dairy Farm Forced to Euthanize 3,665 Cows After Years of Pollution from Local Air Force Base

The owner of Highland Dairy in Clovis, New Mexico, euthanized 3,665 dairy cows due to toxic water pollution from the local Air Force Base. Source: KRQE/Youtube Back in 2018, Art Schaap was notified that 7 out of the 13 wells on his farm were contaminated by toxins called PFAS. These chemicals entered the groundwater from … Read more

Weekly Spotlight: Creating Recipes with Cashew Cream

When replacing cream in a recipe, you’ve got a lot of options from store-bought non-dairy creamers to coconut milk. Another wonderful way to use a non-dairy alternative in recipes is using cashew cream. This is different than cashew milk because cashew milk is much more liquid than cashew cream. Cashew cream is soaked cashews that … Read more