Tatiana Jean-Noel starts fitness fashion biz

BROCKTON — Leap of Faith Fitness was born like many new businesses during the COVID pandemic: Tatiana Jean-Noel started the brand in January after being in solitude for several months.

“When everything was shut down, including the gyms, I ran about two to four miles at DW Field Park every day. In the silence of nature, I was able to hear what God had in store for me. I was in a dark place during the beginning of the pandemic, and I would run to cope with everything,” Jean-Noel, 29, of Brockton said.

Running was Jean-Noel’s defense mechanism for when things got rough.

“The pandemic triggered my inner entrepreneur, and I ended up finding my calling during a time in isolation,” Jean-Noel said.

Tatiana Jean-Noel, 29, celebrates the launch of her new fitness brand Leap of Faith Fitness LLC at The Blanc in Canton on Jan.  15, 2022.

Creating a fitness fashion brand — that sells workout apparel and offers personal training — was a no-brainer for the entrepreneur since exercise has always been a big part of her life. While attending Brockton High School in 2011, Jean-Noel ran track.

“I’ve always been a runner on and off the track. When life got hard, I just booked a flight, and all my problems disappeared once I boarded the plane and the door securely closed. Every month I went somewhere new and started creating content surrounding my experiences,” Jean-Noel said.

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